About Us

I have created the Hennekam Wine Art community to help wine lovers to connect, to share your wine lifestyle, your experiences and your fun times drinking wine.  

I still remember back to before I knew much about wine - it was pretty intimidating. Everyone else seemed to know so much, and I knew so little. There were words that I didn’t understand, smells I couldn’t perceive, prices varied so much and until I trained my palate, I couldn't taste much difference to justify the price variance.

In life, I just want to have fun, have great friendships, travel, share experiences and appreciate the finer things in life. 

Wine ticks all these boxes – wine regions are always in amazingly beautiful parts of the world, wine tours and tastings offer great experiences, and wine, plus the food that often accompanies it, are the most wonderful things in life. So let's make wine fun again.

Brent (my husband) & I share a love of wine. It’s an extremely large part of our lives, and something we have in common with most of our friends. Because of our love of wine, our whole lifestyle is based around it. We socialize with friends over wine, we go to wineries most weekends and most of our holidays are spent travelling to wine regions.

When I worked in cellar doors, I would often connect with customers and we’d end up meeting them later for dinner, making new friends – brought together by wine.

We know what it’s like to really be involved in the wine lifestyle and want to open that up to as many people as we can. Hennekam Wine Art is about connecting with people, making new friends, sharing experiences and recommendations to help others enjoy their wine lifestyle too.

Art acts as a collective memory of our society. Art expresses how it felt to exist in a particular time.

Each of our designs is unique and exclusive - produced by our Hennekam Family. They tell stories, share moments of freedom, relaxation and the fun we have when we drink wines... and allow us to get a bit creative with wine.

So please, wear your Hennekam Wine Art t-shirts with pride on your next wine adventure, and be sure to send us photos and stories of you enjoying your wine lifestyle. We can't wait to hear from you.